Saturday, January 17, 2009

 Well it's official we are home!! We made it safe and sound and are now trying to get into some sort of a routine. What I am discovering is that Miss GraceAnn has her own ideas about what her routine should be!  She enjoys sleeping more during the day then at night, when she's hungry she means feed me now, and she does not I repeat does not like to be naked when bathing!  I'm sure Justin and I will be learning all the new "rules of the house" from our little girl.  

Justin got some great pictures of our first week at home which I will post soon.  The dogs are doing a fabulous job with her and Tesia seems to think that GraceAnn belongs to her! Can't wait to see them with her  when she gets moving around.

Loved the angel kisses Ethan, keep them coming, Mommy and Daddy can't wait for more!

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