Wednesday, November 5, 2008

3d Pic (29 weeks)

We have reached another milestone, 29 weeks (raise your OJ to another week closer - thats Orange Juice as i figured some of you are reading this in the morning).  We visited the doctor today (if you didn't know they let Jenny come home late last week with strict bed rest) and received good news, our little girl is now weighing a whopping 3lbs. 1oz. and our little boy is weighing 2lbs. 13oz.,  The doctor said both were big for their age (taking after dad and packing on the muscles).  Our goal is to reach 32 weeks at which time our risks of complications drops dramatically, but until than we take it one day at a time.  (Double click the image below and it will get bigger for better viewing)  As we watched, the lil girl was trying to put her hand in her mouth (notice the finger next to the lip) and the lil boy was pretty scrunched at the bottom which is why his picture wasn't more clear.  It was a pretty amazing experience to see them at this stage in development...  Jenny is doing good, getting a little tired of the bed, but having me around to entertain sure makes the time go fast (those are her words:).  Hope to sneak a picture of the belly (when Jenny isn't looking) for the next post.. 

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Dona said...

Justin and Jenny,
Dad and I both agree...the lil' miss looks like Jenny and the lil' dude looks like daddy! This is absolutely amazing! Isn't God awesome? He has blessed you over and over again...and we have been privvy to witness a have kept those babies safe 3 weeks beyond what the doctors thought!!! Great job on the blog, justin! Mom and Dad