Sunday, October 12, 2008

Is this the Hyatt?

For your next stay away from home may I recommend the Shawnee Mission Maternity Ward, it has all the amenities you could need; flat screen tv, refrigerator, whirlpool bath (oh yeah), luxury bed for one (I think you can fit two), room service, and a comfy recliner. We took an unofficial tour (not planned), but I made the most out of the opportunity and took a few pictures for all to enjoy. Friday night was our first experience with contractions and the doctor advised us to go in for monitoring because of our high risk status. After 2 hours of observation and a IV of fluids they concluded she was dehydrated and needed to quit pushing herself so hard (amazing how much water these little squirts demand). On Saturday it seemed the kids we're demanding a little more attention because the contractions returned, but only stronger and more frequent, again the Dr. recommended we go back to the hospital. I told Jenny next time we need to bring some cookies for the nurses, hate to keep showing up unannounced. This stay was a little longer (6 hours to be exact), they concluded her insides we're stretching because of the lack of space from the kids and put her on some meds to help relax the muscles and demanded bed rest until we see the doctor this week. I'm happy to report the contractions have subsided today (Sunday), but with the demanded bed rest I have been forced to take over laundry (this could be fun, hopefully everything fits on Monday morning).

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